Wednesday, January 25

3rd day of CNY!

The year of dragon! =D Going through first two days of CNY keep me excited. The first day of CNY was the first time I went to piggy's house to meet his family. His BIG family. Dozen of uncles/aunties with their own family. Lots of food, lots of interesting people. A very big heart warming family with lots of different personalities.At first it was really awkward, and maybe I was really nervous and didn't know what to react, I did silly things and hopefully no one realized it! Well, of course for the first impression, the funniest and attention catching must be Zhen2. I was hoping to see Wen2 as well, but he went for lion dance, Awww~ Heh.They celebrated birthday during the first day of CNY. There were 6 cousins who were born during CNY and thinking it was quite a coincident the gregorian calendar of Ah Shen same as my youngest brother, Boon same as my 2nd brother and Ping same as mine! =) Hehe!

On the second day, piggy came to my house. It was quite awkward too(at first!)! oh, well I am so glad everything works out fine! :) heheee! Thanks babyyy~ <3 hehehe! He always look really charming when he was nervous of meeting my family (although he doesn't know it). =D I know, right! and he looks really really good in his smart wear. =D

Now I am still in Miri, staying at home and doing some research on Harbin. I am getting so excited about it right now. <3 hehe!

Can't wait, this is going to be a really exciting year!

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