Saturday, January 7

Control & Let go.

I went to Sun Tzu gathering, I was invited by my brother. Somehow, I am really glad I was there, I always love the feeling of being there itself. Seeing them, I feel happy. Seeing them helping each other without expecting any returns makes people happier. It probably is a place where people put down all their problems and bad habits, and express their inner kindness to others.

Everyone has bad habits, bad attitudes, uncontrollable minds, the difference is in the matter of "to what extent?". Sometimes, we know what's wrong and what we shouldn't do, yet we still do it for the sake of satisfaction or self benefit.

Do you feel the same?
  • We know we shouldn't talk loudly at our parents, but sometimes we still do, although after that we might be feeling guilty inside yet sorry is just so hard to come by.
  • We know we should listen to old folks' advice, sometimes we just think we know better and ignored them.
  • We know our siblings need more care and love, yet we just can't change the way we talk rudely to them. (Do you realize sometimes you can even talk nicer to your friend's brother, than to your own?)
  • We know eating meat kills more animals in the world, but it is so delicious that we just can't stop doing it. (wehe, I know right, we're contributing so much to the world getting hotter and hotter, killing sacrificing those innocents lives so we enjoy our meals) - hehehe! don't call this guilty pleasure.
  • We know we don't need the pretty expensive vase in the house, yet we just buy it without considering if we really need it or not.
  • Drinking, smoking and gambling are not healthy, yet sometimes we just didn't bother as long as we get ourselves satisfied with the relaxation and fun out of it.

    ...... and many many many more that you can think of.
It all lies in the ability of you controlling your wants, and desire. Sometimes. Desire exceeds over the limit, becomes greed. When your want exceeds over the limit, becomes burden.

Only if you want to control it, you can be happy! :D

Learn to control and let go! =) First thing first, I want to control on not talking loudly even if I feel like going mad, and let the feeling of what's making you doing that go away! =) heee. (its gonna be a bit hard sometimes when it gets too annoying BUT its never impossible! )

Wish me lucks =)

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