Sunday, January 22

Chinese New Year Eve!

Heee! Chinese new year eve is coming! Our house is really in red at the moment! So looking forward to tomorrow, the year of dragon! Hu~ Ha~ Hu~ Ha~ =D


May the Year of Dragon brings everyone luck, prosperity and blessings <3 Heeee!

We did our spring cleaning, and I actually reminisce a lot packing my things! =) I actually have a space in the displaying wardrobe, and I can only put a few gift in there, I still have quite some bunch back in Seria. Hehe. Wonderful gifts =) If you let me choose a lexus and any gift below, you would be surprise what I would choose =) Heee. Below are all gifts I kept in that wardrobe.

Guess who gave me this! =D

Hint: Inside there is 365 stars, folded by someone really special for my birthday! =D Heee. Together with the gift, there are colourful love notes! Reading through it, made me feel really touched. Although we lost in contact, and doesn't talk much, I just feel the physical gap doesn't keep us too far. The first non-blood related family I've ever had =)

This is my primary 6 graduation gift!

It isn't something that expensive but meant so much =)

Guess who gave me this?

Guess who gave me this?
 Hint: You can easily give it a good guess, one of the cute cross stitch lover among my social circle, YOU CAN DO IT, yeahh I can! =D hehehe. It looks a bit old, cause it was a gift in 2004, my 14th birthday! heheee.

Guess who gave me this?
 Hint: This is the girl who teaches me how "never give up" actually lead us to success. When everyone thinks something is impossible, she was the one who hold on to herself. I trust she will be someone great one day. She will =)

Guess who gave me this?
 Hint: No, no one gave me this, I gave someone this! haha, it actually comes in a couple of bunny, someone else had one of this. Losing contact for quite so long, hope everything goes well in his studies and everything! =)

Guess who gave me this?
 Hint: You can notice this is one of the cross-stitch product right? and the picture itself can give quite a good hint of who actually gave me this! =P

Guess who gave me this?
 Hint: This is a chopstick, what comes into your mind when people mention about using chopstick? Heee! Probably you can give that a good guess! =)

Guess who gave me this?
Hint: I just love helping these girls, and a "thanks" in return meant more than anything ever =)

 And yeahhh, beside gifts, these are my achievements. Hehe. Sometimes it is really important to invest a little more in trophy, because I really got annoyed by those names of events coming off the trophy. Or next time I need to wrap them in plastic bags! *lol* I just took picture of those that I think should look good enough to be displayed =P

Pretty? <3 It was the team championship 2006, between schools.

This one is the one I just got from CITI square championship! =)

Generation of PSR/PSK medals. 
It was oval, then getting rounder and rounder =p
I am loving this! <3 hehehe. The 2011 PSR medal. It looks like a sunny medal, isn't it? :D

Quite surprise with this, remembering this was the period Seng Yee and I keep on training our running in PJN track fields for the sake of fitness test, and at the same time we joined SMSA jogathon and I got this. Heee! 

 Most lovable medal ever! Because I earned this from an outside Brunei tournament, Sukan Mahasiswa Universiti held in Kuching during Nov 2011 <3 hehe. Thanks to UBD that our pp team was chosen.

Happy and excellent memories over there in Kuching with bunch of loving team mates!

 A bunch of medals. =D Achievements since 2004. Thanks to Jia Jiunn, Jian Ang for bring us into table tennis, Thanks to Uncle Foo, Coach Duan, Uncle Lai, Coach Wang Gang and Tzu Min for being serious coach later on. *I know right, I am such a stubborn player that always goes back to my own bad habit~(hard to teach!)* HEEE!

Oh, oh, back to some gifts.

Guess who gave me this?
 Hint: This is so easy, if you know me and people around me! Cute gift <3 hehehe. Loving it. One day, who knows I'll be standing on this tower taking pictures. *wishing* hehehe.

 Guess what's this?
Taken from my photo album, this was my 20th birthday celebration in Excapade, sponsored by Ah Boy, cake idea from Ea Hui. and the best gift was the companion of lots of close friends. This year birthday is special, why? because my cake is special and the people around me are special, too! =D 

 Guess who gave me this?

Sweetest gift for my 21st birthday! =D I know, right. I love the key to freedom and also the champagne. Love champagne, and love drinking it =P hehehe. and the note makes it even complete. Thanks, baby =D

My 21st birthday was memorable ones, hee. and I had my first major accident there! Banging into Ryan's car! Ouch, costed me around B$500! That keeps me more careful next time, I was a little little traumatized. (lol~!)

There are a lot more gifts, but I kept them back in Seria, can't take photos. So ehehe! =D and a lot of greeting cards, Huey Lu is the most thoughtful one with this. She sent greetings card no matter where she is. Lovely, right? hehe. I am going to do that when I am in Harbin <3 Harbin is just so beautiful that I really wanted to buy postcards and send it to my friends! =D

and some pretty much notes and birthday cards from old friends, just so heart warming reading them =).

My mom's so creative. *salutes*, talking about that, I don't think I am much of a creative person. I am telling you a funny fact, my mom helped me a lot in drawing assignment back in my primary and secondary, lol, wasn't too sad about a spoiled grade in my PMB then. hehe. Thank god there's no more drawing class for O and A level. Heee. Why am I talking about this again? Oh, oh, my mom actually decorated the whole house in red. Pretty!! Of course, I was the assistant. haha! To me, it feels like a warming garden out there in the garage. No pictures! It will be a surprise, pictures only get uploaded after new year!

It's been years we didn't really celebrate CNY for real since my grandma passed away. There's a pantang that we shouldn't be doing too much celebrations. Nevertheless, grandma, I really wish you were here :) You are always remembered, always..always..

I am happy this year and so looking forward so much to CNY 2012. Wuhhoo. The year of Dragon! <3 May it brings everyone good lucks and blessings :)

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