Wednesday, January 4

Welcome to 2012!

Welcome to my blog <3

Life's full of ups and downs, people might be fed up of obstacles and pray that their journey would be smooth. If their wish really does come true, I trust they're no better person. When everything's too smooth, people know nothing about making mistakes and learning from it. Through overcoming obstacles, people learn and experience, the next time that problem comes in, it is definitely a lesser problem if not a smooth go. When one can see problems as an opportunity to learn, life is definitely great in its own way that people keep on learning something new!

This is actually the XXXth time, I can't remember how many times I've tried to 'renew' my blog! hehe, but this will be my last time (doubt that!) Hehe! I've been seriously procrastinating for the whole december last year. Well, some told that "yes, you're supposed to be like that, come on, its holidays!" Well yea, its holidays and I did nothing productive except for helping bits here and there in the house and sitting in front of the computer doing some of my holiday assignment. Wehee.

Its 2012, time flies like you blink your eyes, really. Its one and a half year until my graduation! Can't wait! =D I am going to Harbin, China this coming February! That will be the most exciting part in my whole life, I am finally going to go out of Borneo for instance. Hey hey hey, don't look at me like that! Seriously, I've never been out of Borneo,since I was a child. You think I am joking? No, I am serious! I can only hope one day I earn my own money and start visiting countries I would love to! I am not unlucky, just not as lucky! =D Anyway, now I get to go Harbin, such a beautiful city on earth but its going to be really really really COLD! (That's a great challenge!!)

Well, on the good sides, these will be very valuable experience to see hand craved sculptures and beautiful night scene, Such a romantic place, I wish I can bring piggy along! =D! I am not sure if I am still lucky to catch up with the winter. The ice might be starting to melt when I go there, I would be studying for a spring semester.

Some pictures I found online for Harbin! =D

HEHE. I hope its never too late to wish everyone a greater year ahead, its 2012! YO PEOPLE! LIVE 2012 to the SUPER FULLEST! =)

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