Thursday, February 2


I am so excited about everything! Opportunity keeps knocking the door, and I am always so easily wanting to let it off just because I am afraid. At the end of the day, I just wanted to slap myself hard and wake up!!!

People say, you will be successful if you’re prepared when opportunity knocks! Well, I pretty much have to agree with that right now. If you’re not prepared, another person who could be better prepared than you do might took away your chance. Pretty much yes.

Seeing a potential in publishing our science notes, Seng yee brought it up and PHMD is going to help us realize this tiny dream. This little booklet might be meaningless to you, but to me(us), this was a well-done job. If publishing it can earn us some bucks, at the same time being an asset to the education in Brunei (wow?! But yes!! I am so confident with that with the help of people around us) , I don’t see why not. Probably some doubts like we not being the students majoring in those subjects could put us down a little on how would other people view us as the author and the book itself. With Mdm Deepa’s words, I am so motivated to help in the production of the A80 series, collaborating with Seng Yee and Sieh Yee. Seems like its pretty much a fate with the Yee’s !

My piggy’s getting a pretty new phone for me, I am so much excited about that. It’s coming in a week time!! NEAR to my birthday! That could count as my birthday wish~ I just can’t believe things are happening. And sometimes I am so amazed by how piggy can read my mind and how generous he is to use all his angpau money on this. At first, guilt come a little but then to think of it, if I am a boy, standing in his shoe, I would be thoroughly happy deep down in, if I am able to realize a little dream of my girlfriend in getting what she wants. It probably is such a coincidence, but coincidence don’t happen all the time, and I never told anyone about it! Right, he always scold me for the right reason at the right time or maybe sometimes put me alone to tears, but afterall I understand it’s for my own good and he always care and want me to be better =) He always let me fly anywhere I want, as long I don’t forget to come back! That is just how sweet he is. It just makes me loving him more each day each time. *loves*

Going to Harbin is 20 days away from now. I am SO excited and a little down! It could also mean, no blog, no social networks for 4 months, but it is going to be fine! You can find me in yahoo or msn alright! I pretty much going to miss a lot of things, and yes I pretty will learn a lot of new things over there! is my yahoo mail. And is my hotmail. If you want to find me, here you can. At least these are places I know China didn’t ban!

If you ask “Why Harbin?”. It’s dumb to answer you “I don’t know”. I know it’s dumb. If you ask “What you want to be when you graduate?”, that as well would be dumb if I tell “I don’t know” when I already choose Mathematics as major. It is more like, I go for what I can afford to. Harbin compared to UK, is cheaper in terms of everything IN CASE the government is not going to pay for everything. I felt lucky to have thought that way, but I am still hopeful I can reimburse everything after I come back from China. I am super glad the living expense in Harbin is fairly affordable; otherwise I might have to drop the plan for local COP or attachment. Daddy, I am really sorry for being the burden right now, but I assure you I’ll do you good in the future I promise. Daddy has more white hairs now than ever. Living expense is increasing and salary is not. We 3 big kids are such like monsters eating all his money away for education and our needs/entertainments. To the thought of that, I just wish to finish my degree like a rocket and start working. It’s just helpless to see your parents strive so hard for their children, that would make me think a lot that wasting food, not studying hard, wasting time, not using time wisely are all things we must not do in return.

I want a bright future, realizing dreams. One of them is buying a Brunei house for my family. If you tell me buying a house is guy’s stuff, I might not want to agree with that. Probably it just feels like a proud thing to do being the eldest child in the family. Probably it feels like impossible, but just believe, and the rest would take care of it themselves.

It’s been times, and slowly losing in contact with a lot of people. We’re running in different directions and sometimes we’re just too busy and forget. One thing for sure, I will not forget people who once offer their hands when I am in deep shit. And I will never forget those who make me feel I am someone and change the way I see things. To help others, we definitely need to help ourselves first. You can easily light another person’s life if you have a bright positive life. That’s always been in thoughts.

Thanks for being there =) Friends, Colleagues and family =)

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