Saturday, March 10

The beauty of Harbin

Before coming, I imagined heavy snow and strong wind. When I stepped out of Harbin airport, the imagination was gone in one click, because it wasn't as scary as imagined. No heavy snow, no strong wind.

Buildings outside Dorm 6, Ha Gong Da (HIT)
Basketball court and tennis court outside Dorm 6

We met a lot of friendly korean in the bus, we were in the same bus going back to campus from airport. They arrived just an hour after us. We celebrated our first night with them. "Guobaorou" was the most delicious dish, and the weirdest dish I think was this (see the pic). I forgot the name and its spicy. No more second time, especially when its spicy. (hehe!)

Unknown, but not delicious to me!

 Our room is bigger than expected. In summary, we are living in dorm 6, 506-2. In this 506, there are two rooms: one single room, and one twin-sharing room. Only post graduate students get to live in the single room. We have an italian software engineering student over here, her name is Ari and she is friendly. Sieh Yee and I share the twin bedroom.

View from our bedroom door
Just an introduction to illustrate how our rooms actually connect to the bathroom. When you enter 506 and open the door, basically you will see 3 doors, left to the bathroom, straight to the single bedroom and right to the the twin bedroom which is our room. You could imagine it with the help with the pictures.

Our Socket

Our heater
Our wardrobe and TV

 The heater is SO crucial, thank god for people who invented it. It is -10 degree back then. Now its increasing to -3, which is getting warmer and warmer. Just recently it gets colder because the snow started to melt. This would mean Spring is coming!

Chinese food is homely, it feels like being at home to see those food! I love their tofu! NO MATTER HOW THEY COOK! I like Tofu, Sieh Yee likes potato, we end up buying these very often! The picture shows one of our meals.


One of the park in our campus

Another view of the park in our campus

A nice looking building in our campus

I heard from our classmates who were here since last semester, they told us that there were little snow in winter. I felt a little sad at first, because I haven't seen any snow. Not until early March.

On 8 March 2012, it was the prettiest day in Harbin. It is also the Women's Day. There is a Russian classmate in Sieh Yee's class and she got a rose! All women in the class get to get one! Awwww!!

On the same day,one of my dream came true!! We made snow fairies on the ground, we slide down the slope, we climbed over gates, we stand on frozen river having our SNOW war! Koreans VS Indonesians+USA people+ Bruneians! It was the one and ONLY day the campus was so crowded! We were so happy, all students were. The only heavy snow that actually freeze the ground completely. Students started to gather and build snow castles, and all sorts of things on the field. There were cats, dungs, mushrooms.. oh my god, they are just so creative! (Pictures still in friends' camera!)

Some pictures of Harbin in SNOW!
My first snow!  
View outside my classroom

Notice this basketball court (compare to the picture earlier on!)
Basketball court in front of Dorm 6

 We are happy, but its going to be the headache of the cleaners, as they are working hard to scope the ice away, to avoid any accidents. You need to be extra careful when its not snowing anymore, especially when the ice is melting.

In this picture, I am standing in front of the international student building, also the place I am having my classes.

Now I registered quite some number of classes. Chinese class is compulsory, and electives are optional. I am here, why not join and have fun!

I chose 3 electives. 1) Ballroom dance, 2) Latin Dance, 3) Love and Sex Education for University Students. Are you feeling weird about this? Well, its a good opportunity to learn some electives that UBD are not offering, plus no one knows me over here, no harm go for dancing, no need to feel embarassed about anything! Plus, this could help me in improving my posture and stimulate more of my feminine side =D My schedules are quite packed !

I LOVE the learning environment here, because they are strict. Do you know what "late" means here? In class, if you are late for class 5-15 minutes later, you are late. Later than 15 minutes, its counted "absent". Full attendance students with less than 4 late records will be awarded some cash. WOW, I am so going to get that cash! Another experience, 1 minute late is late. We missed our Harbin tour because we were right in time to the gathering place and we saw the bus departing. How sad! 3 students didn't get to go because we were just right in time. When they tell you to gather 1.30, it means the bus is departing at that time, so we learnt that we should come earlier next time.

OH YES, I forgot this!

Shui jiao
This is 'Shui jiao'. quite delicious, its like wanton back in Brunei but this is bigger and with more meat, most important, its cheaper! Imagine the big plate just cost you RMB 7 ( approx.B$2 +-)

When we arrived, we went to Zhong Yang Da Jie (most popular place recommended in Harbin). Its a street full of shops and shopping centres. We didn't get to buy anything, because we will be doing a lot of walking and didn't want to carry too much along with us. If you come to Harbin, DO invest in a good walking shoe, this is true. and DO eat their ice cream especially in winter! HAHA! I tried, its delicious! :D There are a lot of branded goods- NIKE, ADIDAS, LINING etc etc. Cosmetics and a lot. We didn't finish exploring, because the day was late and we need to catch a bus back to campus! One trip cost you only RMB 1! Transportation in Harbin is efficient, there will be buses every 10-15 minutes, operating from morning till 8.30pm. so no worries.

Its freezing cold, I need more accessories to keep me warm. This is my new winter hat I got here for RMB 25, the auntie in the shop made it! =D 

Bear with me!! with this long post, my post will be once in a blue moon. =p hehehe! <3 

Thank you for your concern, my friends! Love ya lots!! <3<3

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