Friday, March 16

Harbin's reaching melting point!

Harbin is reaching melting point. Its no longer snow, its raining. You see snow coming, but all melts when it reach the ground. We can no longer play with snow, all of it melt away.

We used to "ski" on the smooth icy ground, now it all melts.We could even lie down on the floor to make 'snow fairies' before. Now, the ground is wet and muddy. (awww.) but I am still glad, that I  experienced how fun it was, playing in snow with some international buddies back on 8 March.

Apparently this means SPRING IS COMING!!

Please compare! Before and After!

I was so afraid that it will be too cold in Harbin before I arrived, after a week staying here. I wish the weather could stay around -3 to -15 degree celcius! The moment we can still enjoy seeing snow! I bet when I go back Brunei, I'll be complaining so much about the hot weather! I miss the feeling living in the fridge (really!) If there would a chance to come the second time, I would! :D 

Food ~~

 Familiar with this? Yes it looks like martabak, aint it?? Yes they have it here too~ but it taste a little bit different. They put ginger in it *amazed*.

To the left, you see a picture of four dishes. It was one of meals. You will be pretty amazed that the four dishes only cost us B$2! Of course, this is what we can get from our campus canteen. Outside the campus, it would definitely be much expensive. One dish costs around B$3+. The more high class, the more expensive, yes, of course. And yes, Harbin is famous for its beer as well, below is the picture I took from the restaurant. Quite cheap, RMB 12 ( B$2+ ), you can get a bottle.

 Oh yes, this is my classroom, very chinese style, isn't it? We still stick to blackboard. There is 7 students in our classroom. Initially there were only 6 females, now that we have a new russian boy joining us, so we have 7 in total!

Everyday, there's homework, and the teachers are friendly and helpful. They are so caring. If you missed a class, they would ask and give recommendations on which medicine might be helping us to get well. 

 We are planning to go Siberian Park tomorrow! We can see TIGERS.. ROARRRR! =D Can't wait!

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