Wednesday, January 9

New year 2013!

Oh well, I've left this blog abandoned for ages, as always. I feel like writing a lot only either I feel extremely emotional or just plain bored. Most of the time in the past, what i do is, New Post > Write alot > Think its too personal or emotional to get published> backspace everything> felt better > phew> ok!

In the end what I wrote wasn't being published, thus an abandoned blog website. Haha. Writing this blog, is like talking to someone (someone I don't even know who, unless you commented!! haha)

Its new year 2013, guess what, and also the final semester in UBD (hopefully!). It is also the time getting headache about whether to study master or not and whether to apply scholarship or not as all these stuffs are getting pretty mental draining to think of.

Plus I did some calculations on the money, with the savings I have right now, going UK is pretty much a draining option even I got the scholarship if I didn't want to burden my dad. The rent especially, and the living expense is quite expensive. Either I am very very very broke when I come back, or I am very very very dependant on my dad to give me monthly allowances for the last few months there. which means, my bank account is going to go negative, government allowances may help lessen a little but doesn't cover all expense. Gone is my emergency fund, and so I am back to think "Is it worth studying master and put more expense to the family?" Yes, if I get a master salary range job as soon as I got back! NO, if salary range doesn't differ much from what a bachelor graduate get. Huhu! So I am putting some nearby countries into consideration, like Singapore.

I planned a korea trip myself earlier last year, and its going to be May 13- May 21 in korea. Sounds great, and yes, it means more pocket money out of bank account. It may have been a selfish decision in the past, and second thought I think I deserved this trip for getting through these 4 years! I didn't ask for any rewards for scoring As, so I guess a getaway isn't that bad also.

I am 22 years, coming 23 years old. Times flies, isn't it? What am I going to see myself in 5 years time, I always ask myself.

My dream is simply, having a simple happy family in a simple house, having a simple life, get to travel once every year to see the world, and a great retirement plan to travel more more!

If I want a great life, it should means, I MUST start realizing it by saving money now! :) Weeee~~ :)

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