Thursday, October 25

Writing craze

Writing always makes me feel better, that's the main purpose of my blog, to release emotions and thoughts!

I love going to beach if I face any tough problems I can't hold a breathe with. but now I realize that is not practical, it can make me relax but in the end I still have to face the problem and solve it. That was a long ago since my last visit to Jerudong beach, I remembered it was raining heavily and I was feeling pretty damn sad.

Today I felt the same, not only screw up my test, well, it is suppose to be easy if I didn't panic for awhile, I just didn't managed to finish it. What a mess. Still not the end of the world, I am still here, living my life.

I feel kinda off normality these days, I feel abnormal at times. Mood swings, crazy temper, not that I myself can hold it nicely. I just let off very easily. Thanks to the patient maths gang, I wonder how they can tolerate all my craziness sometimes *smiles widely*.

After knowing the answer to a question you thought so hard, it was that easy that you might even want to smack your head to not know it before that. After working so hard, and getting to know your classmates just googled it and finish it within a few minutes just makes you feel like pulling your hairs off. HAHA!. How idiotic but I believe, and I still do believe hardwork will be paid off one day when I hold my graduating certificate with a first class honour (in my dreams, but it might come true, who knows!) HEHE!

These days, I live my own life, without expecting anyone or anything to come by. I do things I like, I refuse to things I don't want to. It feels pretty damn good. YES. It feels pretty that good, also bad because I might look aloof at times, and scary the next. HAHA. I am in the middle of building myself back. After feeling so tired from everything I do, I need this. Some freedom and space I need, not listening to anyone, just do things like a boss.
(WOAH, it feels so good that I kinda loving it now.)

Out of sight means out of mind. I always forget things until I see it, and things that reminds me of it. but otherwise, I can just forget about it without guilty, bleh. I forget a lot of things including I have a 8am class the next day so I slept late, and I was still having dizzy head on the bed cannot managed to wake up! Thanks to the wet hair the night before, I have some headache too, so yea I skipped class. What an "accomplishment"?

I am a random person. Reading from the top, you would realize this is not an organized blog post, I typed as I thought. Huu... so the topics are suddenly here and there. Its a releasing moments, I am not suppose to try hard in arranging it anyways. HEHEHE.

So I've done computer graphics assignment lab 7, lab 8 yet to be done :'(, so much to do. and I feel like watching running man. AHAHA. what.. and yesss, later we'll be having sister night. pretty late, around 10pm+, or 11+pm. Everyone is in "Assignment mode" and prefers to enjoy after hardwork! *thumbs up!* <3 br="br">
AND I just get back my mini test paper, WOAH 20/20, my heart melted, not so soon later I was having my modelling test and my heart broke. LOL! Thinking back, it was all nonsense :(

I wish Baby is here, telling me its going to be easy. Things are GOING TO BE OKAY. WOAH!

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