Sunday, September 16

SKBD Table Tennis 10-13th Sept 2012

IPT Table Tennis Team!

We've earned 1 set of medals, 1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze for IPT. I am very proud of myself in a sense that I get to breathe through the hotness and some headache for this! =) and of course thanks to all team mates and supporters, without you, who would we be?

I was completely satisfied with my first day, and 2nd/3rd day was very awful because I can feel the whole body isn't just as complete as it was. Fever or lack of sleep? I am not quite sure. My mind flew away and I had hard time focusing. Nevertheless, it was all good games. At least, this is the first time I have all 3 different medals, gold silver bronze! Optimistically although I break the record of the trend I keep getting 2 gold 1 silver for the past few years, but well this could the best so far, the fighting spirit, the team work within IPT is much more than I ever wanted!

As a whole, everyone is fighting for the best! I can see their burning spirit, hardwork paid off, not just for the medals but the spirit you have for this event and the best performance you gave! :) Give your best, give your best!!

It is nice to know Brunei Table Tennis is improving now, may not be up to competitive level with the outside, but deep within, we can see we are going up. :) New faces and new courageous beginners, hope to see them getting better and competitive! =D

Special thanks to all IPT team mates, and not to forget my dearest Min who were there all along, pushing me to my best! and of course Tiffany who purposely come to watch my double finals, feels like angel from the sky! Thanks for being there, people, it meant a lot more than a lot to me :)

Congratulation to Temburong and KB for being tops in the matches! :D hehe! Love you all! ;)

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