Saturday, July 21

A letter to a great man, Azhar Sulong

Dear Azhar,

I don't know how sad it is to know this news. Looking at Razali's post on UBDPPC group telling us that you left us because of a helicopter accident, I wished what I see wasn't true, but when more and more of your friends typed "al-fatihah", my tears starting to flow like a river.

I really wished to know why.. why? Why and how did the helicopter crashed, and why you??? and I suddenly wished it wasn't you. Suddenly life feels so much shorter. I miss the moment I play around with you calling you "Azhahahahaha". and you replied "Siew Chien chien chien.." I laughed at how you try to tease me with Min and how you tell me he is a great shy man. You were always the humble man that taught us a lot and patiently tell me things that I don't know. Suddenly all these just run like a movie in the head, the moments we all had during ubdppc great times. You were always there for us.

I tried to google the news, I am too curious why this unfortune could happen on you, Azhar. and this is what I get. A news from years ago.

Azhar Sulong, a Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) undergraduate, hopes that Brunei will always remain peaceful and tranquil under the leadership of His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam.

Azhar, who is also a member of the university's residential college committee, said: "The theme, 'My Country, Brunei Darussalam' reflects our pride and love for the country. I am proud to be a Bruneian.

"In fact, one can say that the pride of being a Bruneian is the peace in the multiracial community that we observe in Brunei," he added.

Reading it, makes me feel even proud to know you in my life. I know you must be feeling very upset that I cried so bad now, right. I should be strong and move on. I am sure many others are falling tears for you.I just couldn't control... but I promise I will be alright after today.

Azhar, thanks for being in my life, no matter how insignificant I might have been for you. You will always be remembered as a great leader, a great team mate and a great friend. Forever will. May Allah bless you. You will be remembered and missed.

With loves,

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