Sunday, July 22

A day spent in Azhar's Tahlil Ceremony

It was 21st July 2012. The day Azhar was buried at Anduki Perkuburan Islam. Tzu Min, Hadi, Hafidz, Arif, Khairuddin and Ibrahim was there. Hj Afiq and a few of his MPP friends too were there. His hostel room neighbours were there too.

You can see a lot of people reading Yassin to pray for him and pour Air Suci around him, hoping he will be purified. Everyone sent our best wishes. I, not knowing what exactly I should do, I just bowed 3 times as respect.

I tried to hold on my tears each time I think of him. When the flashes of moments come by, tears can hardly stay inside. "Be confident, you can do it." "Easy maaaa.." "Mana Tzu min?"etc etc. Each time frame in your head, hearing his sound saying, like a movie clip, it plays.

He isn't the most important person in my life, yet he once stepped into my life and left some colourful remarks. He were there as a great advisor, a great team mate and a great friend.

It was so heartache for me, it would be way too complicated to explain how sad his family would be, the red eyes I see from all his family members, trying to hold back all the tears, but hardly can, wiping them off and smiling welcoming Azhar's friends and relatives. The weakness you can feel behind all those tough smile.

Be strong. That is what Azhar want us to be. Be strong.
Azhar, you will be remembered as the handsome man in Askar uniform! :) Cheers. I will be strong. May Allah bless you.

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